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For many years the variety of natural healing factors in Azerbaijan has been successfully used in treatment and prevention of many diseases.One of this factors directly attribute to the legendary naphthalan oil, possessing medical properties, have been known for over 600 years due to the high physiological activity.

There is only one deposit of naphthalan oil worldwide located in the foothills of the Lesser Caucasus at a height of 450 meters above the sea, and in 45 km distance from the city of Ganja, surrounded by mountains from the east, west and south. The climate is subtropical with moderately hot, dry summers and mild winters. The first mention of Naftalan oil was found in the works by the great Azerbaijani poet and thinker Nizami Ganjavi (1141-1201), where he writes about his observations of how the magical oil used to be exported by caravans from the village of Safi-Kurd, located near the present city of Naftalan.

The naftalan oil, according to the biogenic theory,a dominant part of the theory of its origin, was forming in the depths of the earth within over 50 million year period.