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Radiculitis is an inflammatory disease affecting the spinal nerve roots. It can be acute and chronic. The acute form, unfortunately, often turns into a chronic one. Acute radiculitis is characterized by a very strong and sudden pain restricting a person's mobility. Contrary to common belief, radiculitis is localized not only in the lower back. It has several varieties: cervical, cervicobrachial, thoracal, and lumbosacral.

Specific features of the radiculitis treatment in Naftalan.

Naphthalan is used in neurological diseases for general and local baths, as well as for applications and unctions. But it is most effective in physiotherapy, specifically in ultraphonophoresis procedures. For this purpose, resin-free naphthalan is applied as a contact substance to the skin further exposed to ultrasound of a certain frequency. Naphthalan microelements directly affect the central nervous system through the skin and have a significant effect on tissue metabolism.