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Medical Center

First and utmost, the aggregate factors of sanatorium and spa treatment include change of perspective and the patient's disconnection from the day-to-day working and living conditions, as well as peculiarities of resort's nature and landscape. Fatigue and melancholy, as a result of overwork and daily live stress, are among the basic indications for spa treatment at the Naftalan resorts. The medical technologies to treat the erectile dysfunction with the specialized hardware physiotherapy, as well as magnetic laser therapy, SMC therapy with anti-inflammatory, stimulating, and analgesic effects, EHF therapy, etc., are successfully used at the premises of the urological center. The complex includes diet therapy, physical therapy for the male genital diseases in the gym and pool, and terrainkur. Naphthalan therapy for the joint diseases is a pathogenetic therapy. To improve its efficiency, it is used in a complex of therapeutic measures, including physical and medicinal factors. Naphthalan favors the resorption of inflammatory processes, relieves pain, improves blood circulation as a result of its effect on the nervous and reticuloendothelial systems, playing an important role in the immunodefences. This oil normalizes the synthesis of chondroitin sulfate and stimulates the growth of new cartilage cells, contributing to the restoration of arthrodial cartilage. The most pronounced therapeutic effect is observed in the comprehensive sanatorium-and-spa treatment, including naphthalane therapy, massage, physiotherapy, and remedial gymnastics. In the course of targeted treatment, the pathological phenomena undergo regression: muscle spasm decreases, palpatory tenderness decreases, and the joints functional blockages are eliminated. This leads to an increase in the volume of movements and a decrease in pain. Thus, the most effective method in scoliosis is a comprehensive conservative management with the mud therapy, balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, manual therapy, postisometric muscle relaxation, classic massage, and physiotherapy. Chinar Hotel Spa Naftalan has all the necessary facilities.